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Sine 1993, Bando Industry Co., Ltd. has been a leading PE cap seal liner manufacturer & exporter in Korea.

We are a specialized manufacturer with line production of high density PE foam sheet and lamination with every film and punching process.
Our products are induction heat seal liners for PE, PP, PET, PVC & all plastic bottle, glue seal liner for glass bottle, pressure sensitive seal liners and aluminum foil laminated seal liners, all of which an able to keep longer freshness and shelf-life of contents in the bottle.
We provide wide range of bottle cap seal liners whatever customes need.High density PE foam material is used mainly in terms of guaranteeing hygiene and odorlesness. If you have any questionnaire, please feel free to contact us!
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Bando Industry Co., Ltd.
(1)Very hygienic ( verified by the test report of Korea Food Sanitation and Association )
(2)Pearly gloss and clean surface
(3)Good cushioning effect and packing quality
(4)Good chemical-resistance and water-proof property
(5)Wide variations of film laminated grades which can satisfy gas-barrier and water permeability-proof properties
(6)Easily colorable to any color and highly printable
Table of Characteristics of Major Grades
Grade Laminated film Characteristics Major Application
S None General, hygienic Various beverages
SS None High quality and
glossy surface
Various beverages
PE PE film Excellent flexibility,
chemical resistance
Liquors, beverage,
medicines, chemicals
PET PET film Excellent scent retention,
strength, stiffness and moisture,
impact, chemical resistance
agrichemicals and
OPP OPP film Excellent glossiness
chemical and impact
Cosmetic, ink,
shampoo and rinse
Aluminum Foil PET/AL
composite film
Superb gas barrier
property, metallic
Cosmetics, colors,
shoe polish,
chemicals, agrichemicals
PE hotmelt
Hotmelt Adhesiveness Cosmetic
Induction heat
seal liner
Aluminum foil Adhesiveness Coffee, Latic-acid
fermented milk,Oil
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